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Triumvirate Death Match

In lieu of more serious content this week, I thought I would try and battle the various Triumvirates against each other. One-on-One matches in their weight class, short summaries, 14" x 24" battlefields with no terrain, opponents setting up in opposite corners. Let's get it on.....

Cruiser weight

This class will be Inquisitor Greyfax, The Visarch and Cypher.

Round One

Inquisitor Greyfax vs The Visarch

Greyfax wins the first move. She has generated Mental Fortitude and Dominate this round, The Visarch has generated the Master of Death Warlord trait.
Due to the sizes of their bases, both Greyfax's Condemnor-Boltgun and Dominate are already in range, so she opts not to close the gap with such a deadly close combatant. Generating 2 Warp Charges, she uses 3 dice on Dominate and succeeds, The Visarch fails to Deny and then loses a wound to the Boltgun.
The Visarch moves in, passing his Leadership test to run, but only running 1" (I forgot Fleet at this point).
For Greyfax, Dominate is once again successful, but this time The Visarch makes his armour save.
The Visarch passes his test to charge, loses a wound to Overwatch but uses fleet to succeed in his charge. He only scores 2 hits, but gets the 6 to wound he needs for Instant Death.

Winner - The Visarch

Round Two

Inquisitor Greyfax vs Cypher

Greyfax wins the first move again, generating Terrify and Shrouding this time. Moving just enough to get into range, she successfully casts Shrouding, which isn't denied, and Terrify. Cypher succeeds in his Leadership test though. Her boltgun fails to wound.
Cypher moves up, and as both his pistols are out of range, he opts to run then shoot. This gets the bolt pistol into range, but Greyfax makes her save.
Greyfax casts Terrify but fails the Shrouding. Her boltgun bounces off his armour.
Cypher moves up and fires both pistols twice. The bolt pistol shots fail to get through Greyfax's armour, however despite managing to miss with one plasma shot (BS10!) other one gets through and Greyfax's lack of Eternal Warrior lets her down.

Winner - Cypher

Round Three

Cypher vs The Visarch.

The Visarch wins first move, generating the Ruthless Commander Warlord trait.
His turn is simple, close the gap. He runs 5" and ends his turn.
Cypher moves up since he wants the bonus attack for charging, and The Visarch can't Overwatch. Shooting his pistols twice, the bolts take one wound and the plasmas take the other two.

Winner - Cypher

This group was decided by the woeful lack of Invulnerable saves the characters have and Greyfax not having Eternal Warrior. This guys are universally fragile and Cypher's Plasma and The Visarch's sword are both AP2.

Overall Winner - Cypher


This class was difficult. While it obviously contains Yvraine and Grand Master Voldus, there are 2 options of equal points in the other group. I rolled off and Saint Celestine joined the fight.

Round One

Saint Celestine vs Yvraine

Yvraine wins first turn and generates Spirit Hook, Word of the Phoenix and Ancestor's Grace.
She moves up, and fails to cast anything. She runs closer as she needs to assault.
The Saint walks up, wanting to use her Jump Pack to charge. but between the Geminae's pistols and her flamer, Yvraine is slain.

Winner - Saint Celestine

Round Two

Saint Celestine vs Grand Master Voldus.

The Saint is going first. Voldus generates Banishment, Gate of Infinity, Hammerhand, Sanctuary and Cleansing Flame.
Leaping forward so they need an 11" charge, the girls open up.  The flamer is out of range, the bolt pistols do nothing but the Emperor's Vengeance hits. Voldus fails his 2+ armour save and lack of Eternal Warrior claims another soul.

Winner - Saint Celestine

Round Three

Grand Master Voldus vs Yvraine

Voldus is clearly a gentleman, as Yvraine is going first. She generates Spirit Hook, Shield of Ynnead and Storm of Whispers. He generates Banishment, Sanctuary, Purge Soul, Cleansing Flame and Vortex of Doom.
Dashing forward, Yvraine casts Spirit Hook but it is denied.
Voldus, seeing no reason to not, moves up. Sanctuary succeeds, but Cleansing Flame is denied. His storm bolter takes a wound and then he makes his charge in. His armour absorbs all Yvraines hits, which is lucky as she causes Instant Death. His Hammer causes a wound back (at least someone is Eternal Warrior) and the combat continues.
None of Yvraine's powers are useful, so it's straight to combat. She hits 4 times, wounds 1 time and it is saved. Voldus hits 2 times, wounds 2 times and Yvraine fails 1 save, dropping her to her last wound. She passes her Leadership test and combat continues.
Voldus is in the same position power-wise so it;s straight to Yvraine's attacks. She hits 3 times, wounds 2 times and Voldus' Terminator armour fails him again making him fall to his own lack of Eternal Warrior.

Winner - Yvraine

When character's like this clash, it often comes down to endurance. Voldus has decent armour, but the other characters were able to make him pay for his lack of Eternal Warrior. Meanwhile, Yvraine couldn't handle the amount of hits the Saint can get off.

 Overall Winner - Saint Celestine


Two of these are Lords of War, so this is going to get interesting. Belisarius Cawl, The Yncarne and Roboute Guilliman.

Round One

Belisarius Cawl vs The Yncarne

The Avatar is going first and generates Spirit Hook, Storm of Whispers, Ancestor's Grace and Gaze of Ynnead.
The Avatar moves up and fails to cast anything. It runs up and passes the turn.
Cawl marches up and starts with some shooting. The Solar Atomiser takes 3 wounds and Cawl charges in to try and finish the Daemon off. The Mechadendrite Hive does nothing so the Avatar gets to strike. It only manages to do one wound through the Feel No Pain. Cawl's attacks bring it down.

Winner - Belisarius Cawl

Round Two

Belisarius Cawl vs Roboute Guilliman

Robby G is going first, with no Psychic Powers in this fight.
Striding forward, Robby G shoots 1 wounds off Cawl.
Cawl regains his lost wounds, moves up and his shooting bounces off the Armour of Fate. Cawl takes no damage from Overwatch and reaches combat, his Hive bouncing off as well. Robby gets 3 hits (no D) and can't beat the re-rollable Feel No Pain. Cawl's Axe also bounces off. This could take a while.
Straight to Robby's combat, the Hive doing nothing again. Robby gets 5 hits, one of which gets through Feel No Pain. Another is D, and does 3 wounds! Cawl still can't beat the armour. Cawl passes his Leadership test (just) and it moves to his turn.
Cawl regains 3 wounds, plus another from Harmony of Metallurgy. The Hive continues to do nothing. Robby is clearly pissed, as he misses with one attack, and gets four 6s. The regular hit bounces off the Refractor Field. One of the D hits fails to do anything. The rest are "regular" hit and Cawl fails his saves taking 9 wounds that ignore Feel No Pain!

Winner - Roboute Guilliman

Round Three

Roboute Guilliman vs The Yncarne

Robby wins the roll for first turn (possibly shouldn't be using Ultramarine dice). The Yncarne generates Spirit Hook, Storm of Whispers, Ancestor's Grace and Unbind Souls.
Strutting forward, Robby opens fire and take 1 wound off the Avatar.
The Avatar moves up and loses a wound to Perils while casting Storm of Whispers, only to then have the power denied. Ancestor's Grace is failed. The Avatar charges and loses a wound to Overwatch, then fails the charge despite Fleet.
Robby moves up and his shooting takes another wound off the Avatar, putting it to it's last wound. It attacks first and bounces off. Robby and gets mostly 3s. Two attacks hit though, and get through to finish the Yncarne off.

Winner - Robute Guilliman

Robby G is a beast, and also the most expensive of the three. Cawl is hard to put down, but the D removes most of his survivability. The Yncarne needs other Aeldari around it to get wounds back, so struggles when solo.

Overall Winner - Roboute Guilliman

This was a fun little experiment. Obviously to really test them, you'd want to run several fights for each match up. You'd also want to look at expanding them to include support units as some of the models are meant to be army centrepieces, not solo warriors. That would take a lot of time and space, an actual living opponent and be less fun! I am looking at using some of these characters in future games though, most notably the Triumvirate of Ynnead. It's going to be intriguing as the game moves into 8th Edition, since the plot has Chaos on the rise, but with glimmers of hope for the good guys. The Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium is heading into Interesting Times.

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