Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Hive of Fun and Silliny

Just a quick post about the blog. I'm trying to get a post done each week, as an outlet for my thoughts and ideas on gaming. I'm getting people mention that they have read posts, which is great. And the links are attracting likes on Facebook and Twitter.

What I would like though, is for feedback via the comments section. So that others can see the feedback I'm getting and venture their own opinions. Though I may talk in a way that suggests otherwise, I can be wrong on things. Debating them helps us all see more points of view, and I feel that is best done on the blog rather than in one on one conversations.

Likewise, if there is something you want me to talk about, comment on a post. Sam Griffiths has already asked for a post about Deployment in 40K, which I'm going to look at talking about. Anything else would help me keep the content going, while also posting stuff that people are interested in.

TL:DR I would like feedback/requests in the form of comments on my posts :)

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