Thursday, 2 March 2017

40k Starter Tournament Part 2 - Report

40K Starter Tournament

The day started out with me getting to Dark Star and setting up the tables. During this process the players started arriving. I aimed to get a mix of area and line of sight blocking terrain and some ruins to give vantage points. I also aimed to get each table as similar as possible, so that which table you game happened on wasn't a factor in the result of the game. I placed markers out for the Relics, X-Men poker chips. These were not only marked in such a way that made returning them to the centre between games easy, but they fit under that standard 25 and 32mm base sizes.

The Players

We had 10 players in total.

Alfie Bennet, playing a Farsight Enclaves Tau list, featuring deep striking Battlesuits and a Ghostkeel.

Charlie Bennet, playing Dark Eldar with Ravager and Talos support.

Gareth Curl, playing Skitarii with a Dunecrawler and a Sydonian Dragoon.

Kyle Clements, playing Harlequins following Ynnead and accompanied by both Yvraine and the Visarch.

Ron Gargett, playing World Eaters. Led by Kharn himself, the army was a solid wall of Berzerkers.

Sam Hough, also playing World Eaters. Kharn led this army as well, but had brought a pair of Chaos Spawn along as well.

David Newby, playing Adeptus Sororitas. His Battle Sisters were led by Canoness Veridyan and featuring two Exorcist tanks.

Mike Pooley, playing Necrons. His lord was mounted on a Command Barge and he had the Reclamation Legion and a Canoptek Harvest.

Ben Tucker, playing Saim-Hann Eldar following Ynnead. His army was Jetbikes, backed up by Vyper Jetbikes, led by guys on Jetbikes and a Fire Prism.

Chris Tucker, playing Blood Angels, with some bikes, 2 Drop Pods and a scout Land Raider variant.

Round One

Kyle vs Charlie
Hough vs Ben
Pooley vs Gareth
Alfie vs Chris
Ron vs Newby

The event started fine. Everyone had become well versed with the mission objective in the lead up, so there were few opening questions.
Highlights included Gareth's Dragoon charging and killing Pooley's Warlord, Kyle's Death Jester shooting down a Raider and Newby's Exorcists killing Kharn using the Precision Strike from Veridyan. All in their respective first turns. Ron managed a late game comeback via Dark Apotheisis, which gave him a Daemon Prince that Newby couldn't deal with.


Round Two

Ben vs Pooley
Alfie vs Ron
Gareth vs Newby
Hough vs Kyle
Chris vs Charlie

Highlights from this round included the massacre of the Harlequins by Hough's World Eaters and  Bens' Eldar slaughtering the Necron Wraiths but not much else in the army. After this round, we had a short lunch break.


Round Three

Alfie vs Pooley
Chris vs Ben
Hough vs Newby
Kyle vs Ron
Charlie vs Gareth

This round's highlights included the Tau/Necron final, the brotherly grudge match, Kyle facing a second World Eater army and Newby once again facing the surprise Daemon Prince in the late game.


Final Standings

9th - Gareth, Skitarii
8th - Kyle, Aeldari (Harlequins/Ynnari)
7th - Charlie, Dark Eldar
6th - Newby, Adeptus Sororitas
6th - Chris, Blood Angels
5th - Ron, Chaos Space Marines (World Eaters)
4th - Hough, Chaos Space Marines (World Eaters)
3rd - Alfie, Tau (Farsight Enclave)
2nd - Ben, Aeldari (Craftworld Eldar/Ynnari)
1st - Pooley, Necrons
(two players at 6th due to a tie on victory points)

None of the games went over the time limit of 2 hours. One game reached the limit in round one, but after finishing the second player's turn it was pretty easy to call based on how much they had left.  Feedback so far has been good and I'm currently crafting a questionnaire so I can improve future events. There will be an identical follow up event at the end of March and then hopefully I will run an event for these guys every month.

Next post should hopefully be this weekend and be about the Aeldari and their newfound Strength From Death

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