Thursday, 5 January 2017

First Post of the New Year

Welcome to my first post of 2017.

I've played a lot of 40K since New Years. The Return of Qa'tan is in full swing and I've already found time for more games than I had last year. Ive also had a big game against Jack. My plan with 40k for this month is to get more campaign games in and then end the month with a large game against Newby. So how have things been going?

The campaign is going fine. I've played 6 games and won 4 of them. My list is an attempt at an all-rounder Iyanden Eldar.

Warlord - Farseer Se'an Iyandar with the Spirit Stone of Anath'lan and Eye on Distant Events as my  warlord trait.
Autarch J'Mie, with Banshee Mask and Scorpion Chainsword.
A squad of Guardian Defenders with a Shuriken Cannon.
A squad of Dire Avengers and an Exarch with Diresword
A squad of Windriders with Scatter Lasers and a Warlock
A squad of Wraithguard
A Vyper with Shuriken Cannon, Ghostwalk Matrix and Holo-fields
A War Walker with 2 Starcannons
A Wraithlord with 2 Flamers, a Ghostglaive and 2 Bright Lances

It's a list I've been enjoying. Feels like it can handle most stuff if I apply the correct units in the correct places. I have since spent resources on Fearless for my Warlord, access to Battle Brothers for reserve units, an Extra 50 points for my main list and bought some Harlequins as reserve units.
The 50 points I spent on upgrading the Autarch's weapon to a Power Maul and giving the Guardians a Warlock.

I won't summarise the games, just give a brief overview. Where I struggle is currently close combat, so I may have to recruit more Harlequins or buy some Striking Scorpions to cover this weakness. I'm good at mid range shooting and have the ability to destroy vehicles. I also have Psyker superiority currently, except maybe for the Daemon list in the campaign. The Tau having purchased a flyer could be a problem now though.

I'm well on the way to playing this campaign more than the last one. Hopefully I can keep up the success rate.

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