Thursday, 12 January 2017

Spinning Plates

I do wonder who amongst my friends actually reads my posts. I share them on Facebook and Twitter, but it can be surprising who checks things. I've posted about events/games before and had people tell me they didn't realise I'm into tabletop gaming. It's not something I keep secret, but I guess I don't really self-promote a lot. That's going to have to change as this year moves on.

I've been spending an increasing amount of time over the past few years running events rather than competing in them. This is the year that changes. I don't have the resources to do both, so I guess it's time to throw myself into running events. However, I can't keep doing them for free.

It's going to be a loooooooong year, as I try and fund prize kits and make money back (preferably with a profit). And yet a short one as weeks zip by and events start rolling together.I'll have to make sure I keep on top of what I'm meant to be running, the costs and the timings. And hoping people actually want to pay for events. I can't keep doing this for free.

It starts in February. I'm going to purchase a bunch of the FFG prize kits and start running my own events, using the space available at Dark Star. They get the table rental, and I get the rest towards keeping the endeavour going. Seems simple enough. It also allows me to focus on playing games for enjoyment rather than worrying about how powerful a list/deck is that I'm running.

All in all, this should increase my enjoyment of gaming. The real test is going to come with Store Champs season, as those kits cost quite a bit :/

In other news, the X-Wing League @ Dark Star has kicked into high gear. Everyone seems quite happy with the new systems, which is leading to lots of talk and photos on the Facebook group.
I also failed to defend Scum Leader against Chug, which is a shame however that is my weakest Faction and if anyone deserves to be Scum Leader, it's him.

I'm definitely trying to make positive moves this year.

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