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40K Starter Tournament Tactica - Part Two(a)

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Firstly, some constructive criticism I've received. The first part of this was too long. I realised that part way through, which is why this became a multi-part tactica. However, as I'm getting used to the formatting on Blogger, I wasn't sure I could split the previous part up and keep all the colours, so I just a 'natural' break point to end it. I'll endeavour to self editorialise and keep future posts shorter.

So, on to Part Two, or Building the CAD.

Last time, we talked about what we needed to achieve in The Relic mission and briefly looked at what sort of units we may need to complete those goals. With this part, I'll talk about designing a Astra Militarum army using the Combined Arms Detachment from the main Rulebook. So what is it?

It has become the go to for army building for many players amongst the older crowd because it is near identical to the Force Organisation Chart of previous rules editions. I wont discuss that in depth here, but it's the way of army building you'll encounter most. Many events and leagues force you to use it as a hold over from those editions. This isn't the place to analyse the merits and pitfalls of that, I'll save that for a future post.

Quick summary of what this means; every unit in your Codex has a battlefield role. With this chart, you have some mandatory roles you have to fill, then some optional you can fill if there are points remaining. Doing so gives units in your army Command Benefits. For our event, the Lord of War option isn't allowed. Also, it has the Restriction that all the units in it have to have the same Faction, which isn't a problem if you are building from one Codex.

The Command Benefits of this Detachment are Ideal Mission Commander and Objective Secured.
Objective Secured doesn't apply in this mission as we aren't using Objective Markers. The Relic is controlled by a non-vehicle model picking it up, so you either control it or you don't. It cannot be contested.
Ideal Mission Commander let's us re-roll our Warlord Trait if we get one we don't like. That's useful as it helps us get the most from our chosen Warlord.

Now we know what we are working with, lets build the Army. For this army, I am only using the CAD from the main Rulebook and the options available in the Astra Militarum Codex.

Compulsory Choices

The CAD has 3 compulsory units. 1 HQ and 2 Troops. So that's an Army commander (though any character could be the Warlord) and 2 units that are formed of the basic core of the army.

If we ignore special characters, Guard only have 3 choices for HQ. I'm also choosing to build an Infantry-based army with some Tank support, which narrows our choices further. So I'm going to have the Warlord be a Company Command Squad. This unit give us access to the full range of Orders to increase the effectiveness of other squads, and unlike many other army commanders, comes with it's own squad. Guard HQ are more about buffing the army around them than beating other characters in combat, so this unit will mostly move up the field with the rest of the army. 
There are a lot of options, but I'm keeping it simple with just a Vox for re-rolling orders and an Astropath so we aren't completely defenceless in the Psychic Phase.

Guard only have 2 Troops choices. However, the main one has probably (I'm too lazy to research ;) ) the most options of any Troops choice in the game. Despite the individual Guardsman being one of the poorest models in the game (stats and equipment-wise) they attempt to make up for this with numbers.

I'll start with the simplest unit. A Veteran Squad has access to better equipment than other Guardsmen and also better training, so they have BS 4. To take advantage of this, the unit will have 3 Plasma Guns for taking down light vehicles and heavy armoured infantry and a Vox.

Next, an Infantry Platoon. This unit has so many options and even starts out as 3 squads.
Firstly, the Platoon Command Squad. An additional source of orders for the army, I'm also going to give them a Vox. To help clear out large units, they will be give a Heavy Flamer and 2 Flamers. This way, the army won't just have to rely on Lasguns to deal with swarms.
Then I'm expanding the minimum 2 Infantry Squads by adding 1 more. These are all going to be equipped with a Vox and a Meltagun in case of heavier targets. One of them will also have a Commissar, so that I can bring the three together as a Combined Squad and benefit from his abilities. This will be a good 30 model unit to try and take and hold the Relic.
Added to this will be be a unit of 20 Conscripts. While the have less WS and BS than regular guardsmen, it gives us another large unit to try and hold the Relic. I'm purchasing a Priest to put in the unit, as the Zealot and Prayers will help keep them around longer. They also make a good meat shield for the main Infantry Squad.
Finally, I'm adding a Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Lascannons to give me some long range firepower against enemy tanks, especially heavy ones.

Thats the Compulsory choices filled and already we have quite an army. 76 models and 665 points. This leaves us a fair chunk to add some optional units. Since this post has already become quite long, I'll follow that up with a Part Two(b) and Part Two(c) will just contain the Army List.

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