Thursday, 29 December 2016

Moving Forward in 2017

OK, so I failed in my aim to use the Blog more this year. My posts made it to February, which is better than previous attempts I guess. So here is the plan for 2017.


I aim to make at least one post a week, written while at Dark Star on a Thursday. Should be easier there, I can summarise games I'm playing, vent opinions, write tactica. Anything really. I just want to use this more to get my thoughts and ideas out there.

So, things I'm doing next year:-

Luke and Marc are running a sequel to last years campaign, Return to Qa'tan. 1000 points this time and resource gathering is the aim of the game. I'm playing a different army to last time which I'll go into later.

The X-Wing League at Dark Star is changing. I'm switching it to a points based reward system rather than competitive standing. This should encourage people to play more often. I'm also adding a Player of the Year title and Faction Leader titles.

Bringing Magic to Dark Star. Going to look at adding small events to Thursdays. Looking at a fortnightly draft/constructed swap. and eventually a Commander League.

Still running FNM for Jack at Antics.

Running monthly X-Wing and Heroclix events on weekends at both Dark Star and Antics.

Playing more of the games I enjoy socially.

Building a Thousand Sons Legion force for the Horus Heresy, with Rubricae for 40k.

Adding more to my Iyanden Eldar. With the End Times probable for 40k, I want to celebrate them with the army I came in with, which has always been my favourite army anyway. They are what I'm using in Qa'tan.

Games I intend on playing more of in 2017:
Magic the Gathering
Warhammer 40,000
Horus Hersey
Star Wars LCG
Game of Thrones LCG
W40K Conquest

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