Sunday, 29 October 2017

November - The Big Craftworld Review

Codex Craftworlds has released for 8th Edition. So, I'm going to start November by writing a MASSIVE review. I have been playing Iyanden since 2nd Edition, and still have all the Codexes. I'm going to break the review down into parts for ease of reading. Firstly I'm going to look at the Faction-wide rules. Then, a Unit by a Unit review split up by Battlefield Role. Then a focus on Iyanden itself, with an idea of the army I'm going to be trying going forward.

Why use all the Codexes? With each unit, I'll look at what it does in the Codex, compare any changes made from the Index and then talk about its historical roles and efficiency. I'll also be ending with a talk about the units that are missing, some of which have been missing for several editions.

It's going to be a big undertaking and probably take all month. I'll also be playing games with the army throughout the month. I'm excited though, and can't wait to get started


  1. Can I be one of this months games, French John?

    -El Generico, 29 and 1/2, Liskeard UK

    1. Certainly. What do your Friday afternoons look like at the mo?