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Asuryani Review - Part Two; Warlord Traits and Relics

Now we move on to the Warlord Traits and Relics

Warlord Traits

There are 6 Warlord Traits, plus one for each of the signature Craftworlds. Phoenix Lords can never have a Warlord Trait, but they each have an ability unique to them and their Aspect that is roughly on par. They get that ability even if they aren't the Warlord, so it evens out.

Ambush Of Blades - 6s to hit with 6" of the Warlord get an additional AP. Good for all weapons, better with Shuriken that then gets a better AP with a 6 to wound. Give this to an Autarch, park him near Dark Reapers and you've got a very deadly unit.

An Eye On Distant Events - Enemy units cannot Overwatch your Warlord. Great for a fast moving Warlord, on a Jetbike or with Hawk Wings. Charge in first to protect squads like Striking Scorpions from Overwatch, especially for units with lots of Flamers. This one is let down slightly by the fragility of Aeldari Characters, or if the other unit then fails it's charge. It's a great one for the Avatar though.

Falcon's Swiftness - +2 Movement. Again, great for the faster Warlords. Not sure how much it's needed with all the speed Eldar already have though. I can't see this being chosen often.

Fate's Messenger - An extra Wound and a 6+ roll to stop wounds being lost. Doesn't stack with Ulthwe or Fortune, but does stack with Molten Body, so another good one for the Avatar.

Mark Of The Incomparable Hunter - Gives your Warlord the Sniper rule. Most of the weapons available to characters aren't great with this, and the characters with suitable weapons aren't allowed the trait, being a Phoenix Lord or having the Alaitoc keyword and already having the rule. This one reads as terrible.

Seer Of The Shifting Vector  - The Warlord gets a once per Battle Round re-roll. Useful, but only affects the Warlord's rolls. Not useless, but there are much better ones.

Puritanical Leader Alaitoc -  Auto pass Morale tests with 6" of the Warlord. A good one, for an army that wants to sit at range and punish the opponent, while minimising the effect return firepower has. While the range isn't on par with Astra Militarum, maybe there is an Alaitoc Gunline build to be found.

Natural Leader Biel-Tan - At the beginning of the Shooting Phase, your Warlord basically casts Guide on a unit with 3". Amazing for any of your shooting units like Fire Dragons, without risking failing or Perils of the Warp. If you don't want another Trait for your Biel-Tan Warlord, this frees up a power slot on a Farseer.

Wild Rider Chieftain Saim-Hann - If your Warlord piles-in or Heroic Intervenes, it may move towards the nearest Enemy Character, rather than the nearest unit. If it then fights that target that phase, it gets +1 Attack. Allows you to build a fast moving Autarch that hunts down opposing support character and tries to assassinate them in combat

Fate Reader  Ulthwe - Start of the turn, roll a d6. On 6, gain a Command Point. It says gain, not regain. This doesn't give points back, it adds them. That's insane. Make your Warlord an Autarch to have a chance of regaining as you spend, and as long as the dice are with you you wont easily run out of Command Points. Combine this with the Craftworld Stratagems and smart play will see you to victory every time.

Enduring Resolve Iyanden - The Warlord can deny one Psychic Power per enemy Psychic Phase, or one additional if they are already a Psyker. How do I feel about my Craftworld's Trait?
I'd rather have the Ulthwe one. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid one. Just requires your opponent having Psykers, being within 24" and then you rolling higher than them. Gives the Warlord a Psychic defence I guess. Unless I'm expecting a heavily Psychic-focused meta, I'll probably choose one of the more generic ones. Not bad, just a little situational for my tastes.

Remnants of Glory

These are the Asuryani Relics. Only a few replace weapons, the rest have restrictions as to which model can carry them. Some are Craftworld specific, with Biel-Tan getting 2 while the rest get 1.

Kurnous' Bow - Simply a better Shuriken Pistol, might be worth taking with the Sniper Warlord Trait. Might be. Still requires being within 12" of the target though, and one does 2 damage. So not great for sniping. Given that it's 0 points, it's a good choice if you aren't taking one of the others, or are willing to use a Stratagem for extra Relics.

The Phoenix Gem - When you die, you explode, and if any one suffers wounds from this you come back with 1 wound. Once per game. Shame the Avatar can't take Relics. A nice bit of insurance for a character who wants to be up close.

Shard of Anaris - A better Power Sword, with extra damage and re-roll wounds. Great for an Autarch who already has a Power Sword and maybe the Saim-Hann Warlord Trait.

Faolchu's Wing - Gives the model the Fly keyword and 12" movement. The only character that doesn't already have the option of either Hawk Wings or a Jetbike is the Spiritseer. I guess it also saves you points on those options. Let's Spiritseers keep up with Wraithblades who would otherwise move out of Spirit Mark range due to charges and pile-ins though.

Firesabre - Replaces a Power Sword with slightly better stats and the chance of doing Mortal Wounds. It's okay, but I think I would rather have the Shard of Anaris instead.

Blazing Star of Vaul - A Shuriken Pistol or Catapult gets 2 extra shots. Solid second choice if you are taking extra Relics and have already given someone else Kurnous' Bow.

Shimmerplume of Achillrial - Can only be given to an Autarch. Your opponent gets -1 to hit them, for all attacks. This give -2 if they are Alaitoc, over 12" away and being shot at. A solid choice to keep an Autarch alive. It's a fitting Relic for my signature Autarch; J'Me Iyannar.

The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan Biel-Tan - Allows the Psyker to re-roll failed Psychic Tests, but if they fail the re-roll they can cast no more powers that phase. Farseers already have Runes to do this without the penalty, so this is great for Warlocks and Spiritseers who can only cast one power a turn anyway.

The Burnished Blade of Eliarna Biel-Tan - Replaces a Power Sword. Does 2 damage, and gets +1 Strength and Damage against Orks. Flavourful, but not great unless expecting an Ork-heavy meta.

Shiftshroud of Alanssair Alaitoc - Gives your Infantry Character a -1 to be hit from Shooting attacks, which stacks with the Alaitoc ability. The model also gains infiltrate, setting up wherever you want at the end of the first Movement Phase. Great for avoiding having the character die to Alpha Strike and to keep them alive once they arrive.

The Novalance of Saim-Hann Saim-Hann - Replaces a Laser Lance, so only goes on an Autarch Skyrunner. Makes the Melee attacks stronger, and do more damage on a 6 to wound. Good for hunting down enemy monsters/vehicles/characters with your Windrider Chief.

Ghosthelm of Alishazier Ulthwe - The wearer gets +1 to their Psychic test when casting Smite. Meh. I suppose the Ulthwe had to have something sub par.

Psytronome of Iyanden Iyanden - Once per battle, you can use this to give all Iyanden Wraith Constructs within 6" double attacks characteristic, at the price of d3 mortal wounds each at the end of the Fight Phase. Well worth the cost on everything except the Hemlock Wraithfighter. But best case scenario, picture a Wraithknight, whose 4 attacks become 8. and then makes 24 attacks with it's Titanic Feet. Just picture that, and remember that an Iyanden Wraithknight wont suffer a reduction of WS until it has 6 or less Wounds remaining. The character carrying this is going to be a priority target for the opponent I feel.

That's it for Part Two. Part Three will be the Psychic Powers, Tactical Objectives and Stratagems

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