Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Quick Hits Bonus July 2018 - Renegade Knights

Here comes a bonus Quick Hit, Index Renegade Knights. Most of the opinions are the same as in the Imperial Knights review (see here http://hiveoffunandsilliny.blogspot.com/2018/07/quick-hits-july-2018-imperial-knights.html ) so I will focus on the differences.

Lord of War

Renegade Armiger
Can be taken either as Helverins or Warglaives.

Renegade Knight Dominus
Can be taken as a Valiant or a Castellan.

Renegade Knight
This has fully customizable weapon options. While this allows you to match any Questoris build, it also allows you to take two of the same weapon choice. Two Rapid-fire Battle Cannons sounds terrifying.


Only 2 Stratagems; Rotate Ion Shields and Trail of Destruction. Both are really good.

Warlord Traits

Only one choice; Infernal Quest. Gives the model Objective Secured while also counting as 10 models.

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