Thursday, 11 May 2017

A Plea for Content

I'm just about managing to do a post once a week on this Blog, and multiple posts if I miss a week. I'm even getting better at adding photos to break up the wall of text that my writing style throws at the screen. This is a symptom of my reading preference. I enjoy reading, so a lot of text doesn't bother me when I encounter it elsewhere, as long as it is saying something interesting. However, I recognise that adding pictures breaks things up a bit and makes the post look better. So I'm going to do it more often.

You're Welcome :)

 What I am struggling with is topics. What do people want to read?

Anyone who knows me can ask tactical advice or gaming opinion, and they know I will either tell them I don't know anything on their topic or I will tell them EVERYTHING. If I know (or believe I know) about a topic, then I can be quite vocal and willing to lecture. But only when prodded.

They may never shut up once you do
It's a personal thing. I'm not one for sharing information unsolicited, or much in the way of self-promotion, but once asked I'll do my best to answer a question. It's something I need to work on, especially as I push more into Events Management. And it's fairly useless being a Fount of All Knowledge with a blog if you don't say things. 

So, am asking you; my reader base. What do you want to read? You probably know by now what games I run events for, and what games I personally play. Maybe something from this list
  • Battle/Game Reports
  • Tournament Reports (as a Player)
  • Tournament Reports (as a Judge/TO)
  • Deck/Army/Squad Techs
  • Strategy Advice
  • Tactical Advice
  • Theory crafting
  • Spotlights on Board Games I've played
  • Opinion Pieces on News
  • Rants 

These are some of the things I could and should be posting about. It comes down to what you guys want. Do you have a burning tactical question you want my advice on? Ask me here, there may be others that want to know the same thing.

As an example, I had been asked to write about Deployment for Genestealer Cult Armies in 40K. Before I was able to start researching and writing a piece, Games Workshop announced 8th was going to feature a lot of changes to the game. This has caused me to hold off for the moment, as any advice I give may no longer be sound after the rules change. And said change is rapidly approaching.

So, TL:DR - 

Send me questions, topic ideas and anything else you want to see from this blog.

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  1. an initial impression of 8th would be nice when that comes out. also more batreps would be nice