Tuesday, 9 February 2016

40k Skirmish

Organized some games of 40K at Dark Star. Myself playing Guard, Jack playing Demons, Chris playing Blood Angels and Tom playing Eldar. Took some short notes that i have fleshed out a bit here.

My Ogryn list vs Jack's Demons. His army had a Demon Prince, 2(!) Tzeentch chariots and a unit of 10 horrors.
I set up first and Jack fails to seize the initiative.
Turn 1
I moved up, failed all psychic powers. Ranged weapons were out of range. Jack moves up and flames both my units with his chariots, killing one Ogryn and several Veterans. He then assaults both units with a chariot each, but the first dies to wall of death from the Veterans and the Ogryns beat the other one to death in combat.
I score 0 points, for 0 points total.
Jack scores 1 point, for 1 point total.
Turn 2
I continue to move up, Ogryns shoot several of the Horrors, but then fail their charge. Jack's Warpfire adds Feel No Pain to the Ogryns, but then the Demon Prince beats them in combat and slaughters them all.
I score 2 points, for 2 points total.
Jack scores 1 point, for 2 points total.
Turn 3
I capture objective 6 with my remaining Veterans. Jack's remaining Horror's kill them in his Psychic Phase :(
I score 1 point, for 3 points total.
Jack scores 0 points, for 2 points total, but wins by wiping out my army.

Game 2
My Militarum Tempestus list vs Chris's Blood Angels. His army consisted of a Baal Predator with Flame Cannon, Twin-linked Heavy Flamer Razorback, a small Tactical Squad in the Razorback and an Assault Squad led by a Sanguinary Priest.
I set up first, but Chris seizes the initiative
Turn 1
Chris moves his force up, then I move up and kill all the Assault Marines except the Sanguinary Priest and one other.
Chris scores 0 points. for 0 points total.
I score 1 points,for 1 point total.
Turn 2
Chris continues to move up,but his dice betray him as he tries to destroy the Taurox in shooting. I deep strike in my Command Squad and blow up his Baal Predator.
Chris scores 1 point, for 1 point total.
i score 0 points, for 1 point total.
Turn 3
Chris' Razorback and Tactical Squad kills my eversor in shooting and my Tempestor Prime dies in combat with his Sanguinary Priest. In my turn, I shoot the Priest to death.
Chris scores 3 points, for 4 points total.
I score 2 points, for 3 points total.
Turn 4 onwards
At this point the game just becomes a shooting match. My Storm Troopers die, and so does his Predator. His Tactical Squad finishes off my Taurox for the win.

Ogryn List
Lord Commissar Warlord
Primaris Psyker, Mastery level 2
Veterans, Shotguns, 2 Flamers
6 Ogryns, Bone'ead
500 points

Militarum Tempestus Scions List
Militarum Tempestus Command Squad Warlord, Power Axe, Vox-caster, 3 Flamers
6 Tempestus Scions, Tempestor, Vox-caster, 2 Plasma Guns
Taurox Prime, Hot-Shot Volley Gun, Gatling Cannon, Augur Array
Officio Assassinorum Dataslate
Eversor Assassin
499 points

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