Thursday, 18 February 2016

40K Skirmish Week 2

This week, I played some more 40k Skirmish. The group playing comprised of Chris, Tom, Will, Newby and Jack. Hopefully I'll be able to take notes and give a short report every time I play.

My standard Guard Infantry list against Newby's Imperial Guard. A Company Command Squad, with Master of Ordnance and Astropath. Platoon Command Squad, with Flamer and Heavy Flamer. A Heavy Weapons team with 3 Missile Launchers. And, finally, 3 regular squads of Guardsmen with Meltaguns and a Commissar.
I set up first and the initiative isn't seized.
Turn 1
My Sentinels killed his Heavy Weapon teams with shooting, my Astropath succeeded with Terrify on his blob (he had grouped the Infantry Squads together as one squad) and then I killed a few guys with shooting.
For his turn, his Astropath is out of range for it's powers and he shoots up one of my squads with the Lasguns that are in range.
I score 1 point, for 1 point total.
Newby scores 1 point, for 1 point total.
Turn 2
I gun down his Platoon Command Squad, and kill enough of his blob to force a leadership test, causing the Commissar to kill another member. He kills the nearest of my squads with a brutal Psychic Shriek.
I score 1 point, for 2 points total.
Newby scores 1 point, for 2 points total.
Turn 3
I slaughter more of the blob with squad fire, while my Sentinels start putting holes in his Company Command Squad. He only kills my Platoon Command Squad and accompanying Primaris Psyker.
I score 1 point, for 3 points total.

Newby scores 1 point, for 3 points total.
Turn 4
I kill his blob with shooting from my remaining Infantry Squads and his Warlord with my Sentinels, leaving only the Astropath and Master of Ordnance alive. They miss their attacks in his turn.
I score 2 points, for 5 points total.
Newby scores 0 points, for 3 points total.
Turn 5
I table him and end the game.
I score 3 points, for 8 points total.
He scores 0 points, for 3 points total.

Game 2
My newer Storm troopers list vs Tom's Eldar list. His list is basically a mini version of the LVO winning list. 2 Scatter Laser Jetbike squads, a D-Cannon support weapon and a squad of Warp Spiders led by an Autarch. He sets up first and I put 2 of my squads into reserve for Deep Strike, and then he uses his Warlord trait to Scout move. I fail to seize the initiative
Turn 1
He moves his army up and destroys the Taurox with the D-Cannon. Then his squads kill the guys inside. The only saving grace is that I made a lot of Carapace Armour saves before the last man fell. With no guys left on the table, I lose.

Game 3
My experimental Knight-Commander Pask list against Will's Deamons. His army was some Horrors and Fateweaver. He sets up first and I don't seize the initiative.
Turn 1
Apart from some movement, nothing happens during his turn. Not even from the Warp Storms. My shooting phase kills some of the Horrors.
He scores 0 points, for 0 points total.
I score 0 points, for 0 points total.
Turn 2
He kills a Veteran with Warpflame but gives them Feel No Pain. He also summons some Flamers, but the Warp Storm still does nothing. My shooting phase reduces the Horrors to one man.
He scores 1 point, for 1 point total.

I score 0 points, for 0 points total.
Turn 3
He kills some more Veterans, but improves their Feel No Pain. The Warp Storm continues to be peaceful. My Veterans kill the last Horror via shooting and my tanks wound Fateweaver twice.
He scores 0 points, for 1 point total.
I score 2 points, for 2 points total.
Turn 4
His Flamers kill the Veterans in combat, but my tanks kill Fateweaver. He scoops as he doesn't believe the Flamers can hurt the tanks.
He scores 2 points, for 3 points total.
I score 2 points, for 4 points total.

Standard Guard List
Company Command Squad Warlord, 4 Plasma Guns, Astropath.
Primaris Psyker.
Platoon Command Squad, 3 Flamers, Heavy Flamer.
2 Infantry Squads with Meltaguns.
Fast Attack
3 Scout Sentinels with Autocannons.
500 points

Storm Trooper List
Militarum Tempestus Command Squad Warlord, Power Fist, 4 Meltaguns.
7 Tempestus Scions, Hot-Shot Volley Gun.
7 Tempestus Scions, Flamer.
Fast Attack
Taurox Prime, Gatling Cannon, Hot-Shot Volley Gun, Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter, Auger Array.
497 points

Knight-Commander Pask Experiment
Knight-Commander Pask Warlord, Leman Russ Battle tank, Hull-mounted Lascannon, Sponson-mounted Heavy Bolters.
Leman Russ Demolisher, Hull-mounted Heavy Bolter, Sponson-mounted Multi-meltas.
Veteran Squad.
500 points

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