Sunday, 1 May 2011


In an effort to motivate myself into more regular content, I will announce in advance the posts I am going to attempt to make each week.

This week:-

Building a Legacy - a look into the decks i am looking at playing in the Legacy format, and how I'm going to get the card pool.
Leak get 4 for 1 - a brief talk about the leak of New Phyrexia.
Standard Report -  how I've been doing in Standard recently and what cards from NPH I'm looking for.
#banJace - my views on the powerhouse of Standard.

Deathwatch - my first attempt at chronicling our adventures as a group of Space Marines sequestered to the Deathwatch.

Winds of Change - a look at the rules changes, and how they affect figures I love.
Spring Dawning - a fairwell to the Winter Soldier as Modern Age retirement gets announced

That's SEVEN posts planned. If I can pull this off, then maybe I can start giving regular content. Maybe then I can start promoting the blog and obtaining a larger readership.

Shout-out to Jamie Wetherill. I don't know if anyone else reads this, but I know he does :D

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