Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Deathwatch Session 3

Well, on to the session....

We entered the Warehouse, wandering the corridors. Making our way around crates filled with Lasguns, we came to a T-junction. The Sarge suggests splitting the team into two groups so we can explore both directions efficiently. One Combat Squad comprising of Sarge, the Apothecary and the Blood Angel, meanwhile I'm put in charge of the  Devastator and the Space Wolf.

We head left, while the other group head right. Sarge's group travel for 10 minutes before their Auspex gets a ping. There is a group of life forms coming up behind them. Led by an Officer with a Power Weapon and a Plasma Pistol right into the Apothecary's sights. He fires his Boltgun on full auto, but fails to hit the Officer. Only Sarge's shot hits, but doesn't seem to do much damage. Meanwhile the cultists hit the Blood Angel. The second turn is even less effective for our heroes, with the Blood Angel taking more damage but no one managing to retaliate. The third turn yeilds successful damage, but the cultists pass their morale check. Luckily, the fourth turn yields better dice rolls and they wipe the cultists out.

Meanwhile, our group run head long into a group of cultists. The Space Wolf charges towards them, but gets hit three times, including twice to the head. Heavily wounded, the Space Wolf opens up with a flamer, doing a little damage to the cultist group. However, as the Space Wolf enters close combat, the cultists rip off his kneecap. I charge into the fray but spectacularily miss. Our retaliation takes out the group....eventually. (Force Swords are awesome).

This cleared the warehouse of cultists, and we met back up to heal our wounds. Moving on to the Govenor's Palace. We find a group of nobles in the entrance hall being pounced on by Genestealers. Engaging them in combat, the Apothecary takes a kicking. Most of us take small injuries, but I retaliate and destroy my opponent in one hit. Force Swords are pretty lethal, especially one-on-one.

The Devastator takes his opponent out with a Bolt Pistol but the Assault Marines flounder. Luckily the Apothecary doesn't get hit, so isn't finished off. One hit and he is probably dead. I charge over to save Sarge, but fail my attack. Sarge finishes his opponent off, and I charge over and save the Blood Angel, who had his eyes ripped off by his opponent. The Apothecary tries to fix his leg, but fails his roll. The Devastator takes down another, but that leaves the Genestealer that is chasing the Planetary Governor. The Space Wolf gets to him first, outside the Governor's office,  with me in hot pursuit. We take it down quite easily.

The Apothecary starts healing up the rest of the team, while we talk to the Governor. He takes us to the House of Echoes to meet the Astropath....

To be Continued....

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