Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Foreshadowing Revisited

So, it's a week and a half since I set myself the task of 7 posts in one week. How did I do?

Not well.

For a myriad of reasons, I only managed 3 of the 7 articles. Taking it from the top:-

Building A Legacy - I will attempt to write this article later this week. I'm making steady progress and want to discuss the methodology behind what deck I am building and how I am going about it.

Leak Gets 4 for 1 - This was an astounding success. Not only did I get the article written they way I wanted, I even got it published on a UK magic site.

Basically, when I linked it on Facebook, I was asked by the person who runs Manaleak if they could run it as an article. I said yes, they edited it, addded pictures and published it. This makes me happy, but also makes me want to ensure that any further magic posts I make are good enough to get published. We shall see if I can continue to meet that high standard.

Standard Report - I've got to be honest, my last couple of standard tournaments were terrible and as a consequence, I haven't played in a month. I think this article should wait until I get some NPH play under my belt, to see if I'm in a slump or if the metagame has turned against my deck.

#banJace - I've left it a little late to discuss this topic. I'm not convinced I want to dedicate time to talk about the pros and cons of banning Jace, especially when I don't personally care either way. I'll leave it to the myriad of people out there that write articles and champion one side or the other.

Deathwatch - It took two weeks, but I got the article written. The delay wasn't actually my fault, and I wrote a filler article to replace it. I'm not convinced by the writing style for it, but will attempt to improve on that as the sessions go on.

Winds of Change - This article was written, and I feel it was fine. I let the link explain the changes, while I went over what they meant for my players.

Spring Dawning - This is the biggest failure on my part. This article should be fairly easy to write, but I kept letting other stuff get in the way. Hopefully I can also get this one done this week.

So, it was technically three and a half out of seven done. A little disappointing, but at least it's a start. Maybe I was a little ambitious, but by setting a big goal I managed to set up a precedent. Now I have to try and post three articles a week minimum. It even nicely segregates into one for each of the main themes for my posts. Hopefully I can maintain that momentum going forward.

So this week:-

Deathwatch - wherein I recount the third session of this game. Already posted this entry, and the result (spoiler alert :p) is that Genestealers nearly kill us all...

Spring Dawning - wherein I look at what figures Modern Age Heroclix loses with next weeks retirement.

Building A Legacy - wherein I explain the process behind my chosen Legacy Magic decks.

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