Sunday, 30 July 2017

1 Month Later

Due to a lot of business, and busy-ness, it's been a month since my last post. I'm going to get back on top of things. So let's start with one of the main things that's been taking up my time.

A friend posted to Facebook a model a week painting challenge. A lot of my models are unpainted. Far too many actually. So I figured it would be good motivation to get started so I can field fully painted armies again. I enjoy painting and prefer using a painted army. It's been a case of finding the time, and this challenge has made me make the time.

Week 1

Roboute Guilliman

Mighty Primarch of the Ultramarines. He was an experiment in using metallic Sharpies for the metal. I also experimented with a style of painting fire and using the technical Blood For The Blood God paint on the dead Chaos Marine on his base.

I'm happy with him, as I'm painting stuff to "Tabletop Standard". This is where models are painted to look good from a distance or as part of a larger army, but not to individually win a painting competition. Blood For The Blood God came out well, which is good as I will need a decent blood effect for the Avatar of Khaine.

The fire, however, has me in two minds. On the braziers it looks good, but on the Emperor's Sword it doesn't. I'm not sure why either. Still, overall it looks good.

Week 2

Captain America

A brilliant officer for my Astra Militarum. Been waiting a few years to paint this guy. Nothing fancy, just my usual ink then acrylic technique. The base is grey to match my Imperial Guard, so he will make quite a striking leader for the army.

Week 3

Farseer Windrider

The leader of the Windrider Warhost, a Farseer. Again, trying out techniques to apply to the rest of the army moving forward. I'm using the gemstone technical paints for Soulstones and also going to use them on Witchblades/Singing Spears/Witch Staves. I've also got a metallic blue paint to use for all the Seer models.

Warlock Windrider

 Red for his weapon, as Warlocks are trained for battle and closer to Khaine than Farseers.


Painting the group in one week slowed me down, but got 11 models painted, rather than 1. In Eighth Edition, that's 4 units. Each group of 3 Jetbikes has a different colour gem choice to the other groups, giving me Blue, Red and Green squadrons. They are also all armed with Scatter Lasers for maximum firepower.

My cousin's wedding also slowed things down, and this past week has been very busy so I'm going to fall behind again. To speed things up, I'm going to try and paint my final Wave Serpent and my Vyper this week.

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