Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Time to end the Hiatus

Due to various time/internet access/living issues, I haven't posted to this blog in over 4 years. I aim to change that in 2016 with regular updates. Things I'm going to be involved in that should generate content:-

Over the coming year I will be running events in Antics. This brings TO posts on
Competitive Heroclix
Scenario-based Heroclix
X-Wing Minitures game (including a store championships)
Magic FNM
Warhammer 40k Conquest
Star Wars LCG
I aim to post on these events with an eye to talking about the running/organizing of them

Dark Star Gaming
A new gaming club that's opened locally. I run the X-Wing league there so will be posting about league considerations as I learn things. I can also use it to play other games, as well as play more 40k

With a couple of friends travelling to local tournaments, I hope to be joining them for more events and trying to get back into playing competetively

Settlers of Qa'Tan
An old friend is running a map based 40k campaign and has asked me to join. It's been a long time since I've had the pleasure of playing 40k with him so this should be fun.

So..This should lead to more frequent posts. And then, hopefully, people actually reading this stuff :p

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