Thursday, 29 September 2011


Due to being highly sort after by our many local fans of Nextwave, I've been inspired to come up with a great tournament series for the leader of the Highest Anti Terrorism Effort

Highly Antagonistic Tournament Event

As he is locally highly sought, Dirk Anger as convinced me to run a competitive series of tournaments for the "Succesful" Dirk Anger LE. So here is how it will run:-

All tournaments in the series are 300 points Modern Age

Week 1:-
The first practice week, bring any number of teams, 3 rounds practicing competetive play.
Week 2:-
The second practice week, same formula as the first, as you try and adapt to the percieved metagame.
Week 3:-
The final practice week, same formula as the previous two, but at the end of this one you must register your final team.
Week 4:-
The 1st week of competition, 3 rounds played.
Week 5:-
The 2nd and final week of competition, 3 rounds played.

Whoever gets the most wins over the 6 rounds of the final two weeks wins not only the LE, but a Scorpio Key special object. If there is a tie for wins, then most points within the tie gets the prize.
After the winner of the series is determined, whoever amongst the remaining players has scored the most points wins the LE.

That's two chances to win, so scoring points is as important as winning games. Go forth, in the name of HATE!!!

Each week I'll post details of what's been going on and critique on the teams used.  Checking these posts will be a good way of getting a jump on the metagame, or ideas for improving your team before the final registration. Wonder if the players will catch on to that...

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