Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dynamic Duo

After two months off, and in the crucial fortnight leading up to MTG Nationals, I'm back.

Recently Heroclix has seen the release of the Captain America set. We've started the tournament series, and this week was 300 points Modern Age. So I built a team I've been hesitant about playing for a while.

See, after my review of Sinestro from DC75, I really liked the figure. Shortly thereafter, however, I had the opportunity to trade him for the Iron Man/War Machine duo figure. This was a character pairing I really wanted to obtain, but they came with a problem. At 300 points, the are a one-figure-army. Not really my preferred style of figure. But I do really like War Machine as a character and we didn't recieve him as a Free Comic Book Day figure. So, as much as I've wanted to try them, I held off.

This week showed how perfectly awesome they are.

Round One

Played against:-
Nick Fury (cap)
Maria Hill (cap)
Kitty Pride (cap)

Somehow, I won map choice, and since we are limiting ourselves to the Cap maps, I chose one end of the Helicarrier. This was a worrying game, as his team had range, Psychic Blast, Outwit and plenty of damage. However, no move and attack meant I was largely able to outmaneuver the team and take them out. Took 4 damage from one soak ignoring hit though(!)

Round Two

Played against:-
The Parademon (B&B)
Parademon Drill Sergeant (B&B)
and enough Parademon Grunts (B&B) to fill the points (4 i think).

This time, fighting on the other end of the Helicarrier, I took to the high ground, one-shotting a Parademon Grunt on the way. This was a push, meaning I was open for 2 full turns. By the time I had cleared, due to a combination of their combat values and my Impervious, the Duo had taken 1 damage. One activation of their All-Out Assault trait, and all but The Parademon were dead. Finishing him off was easy.

Round Three

Hulk (GSX)
Wolverine (GSX)

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This was over far too quickly. An Outwit and a Running Shot onto Elevated Terrain did 4 damage to Hulk. Wolverine bases the Duo. An Outwit and a Duo Attack KO him. Hulk bases the Duo. An Outwit and a Duo Attack KO him. Nuff said.

Still not a fan of teams where all the eggs are in one basket, but this pair nearly have me convinced.

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