Saturday, 25 December 2010

Heroclix catch-up

Since the initial post I've run 9 tournaments using the Web of Spider-man prize kits. All of them have been modern age, with point values running from 300-600 points and sometimes with additional restrictions. Turn out has ranged from 2 to 6 people, which isn't exactly ideal. Hopefully I can pick that up in the new year, as 8 minimum would give the best tournaments.

Of the figures in the set I've pulled and used, the star has to be the Bombastic Bag-man. Leap/Climb and Super Strength mean he can easily pick up a heavy object and basing a major threat on the other side. The opponent either has to waste time and actions breaking and running away or try and kill Bag-man and take heavy damage in response. Ignoring him means being hit with the heavy object and taking a lot of damage anyway. I've found him great in 400 points with The Thing, Mr. Fantastic and Reed Richards. The Thing is a superb primary attacker, and with their strongest figure busy, he can quite easily mop-up the rest of their team. Reed and Fantastic are there for outwit and perplex, though their 6 square ranged attacks help out too.

I've also run a 600 point Watchmen theme team. Rorscach  is annoying to kill and Dr. Manhatten is the powerhouse of the team. Comedian can't be ignored, especially with twin-bolt Energy Explosion and Ozymandias is superb, especially with well timed uses of his second Outwit. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre are just there as tie up pieces, they haven't proved useful in any other capacity. Still, they appear to be a really good team when used together. With practice I think they would make a really competetive team. Shame 300 points is the norm value for tournaments.

I've picked up the Jonah Hex Action Pack, The Armor Wars Battle Pack, Brightest Day and a case of DC7th. I usually get a case of each set, then try and pick up the rest through trading and buying singles online.

Jonah Hex - I haven't used any of these figures yet. Though they are low pointed, they don't seem worth even those little points. The 15 point Enhancement figure is ok, but there are better figures with that power that also bring more to a team than she does. Can't really knock them til I try them, but I don't have high hopes for their battlefield performance.
Armor Wars - Bought this so I could have a Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury with a modern card. Haven't used him yet, but I know how good the figure is from past experience. The other figures I've used in the past as well, so nothing new from the set except the cards. Worth it for Nick Fury and Black Widow alone.
Brightest Day - only got these figures last week, so not used them yet. Can't wait to try Captain Boomerang on a Rogues theme team though.
DC75th - Literally got these figures two days ago, so I'm waiting to use these. Didn't get Captain Comet and Animal Man from the CUR set. This appears to be because White Lanterns replace the Rare in the booster, rather than the Common like Super Rares. Got 6 Super Rares; Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Ares, Batman and the Wonder Twins. Would rather have pulled something other than the Twins, but that's how it goes. My White Lanterns were Wonder Woman and Animal Man. Not bad, but could have been better. Prize Kit arrives next week, so I can look at the map and start planning the tournaments.

I should be able to get 10 tournaments out of the prize kit, like with the last one. That should keep us going til the release of Giant-Size X-Men, which I am really looking forward to. Magneto, Apocalypse and Nextwave are figures I really want in Clix. I just hope they aren't all Super Rare, though Apocalypse is bound to be.

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