Monday, 20 September 2010

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

Hello and welcome to my blog. I imagine most of you have come here because you know who I am, but for those who don't -
* I am an avid tournament player of Magic the Gathering, a customizable card game from Wizards of the Coast
* I am a player and ex-judge for Heroclix, a comics-based tabletop miniatures game from Wizkids Games
* I am a Storyteller for Final Nights - Plymouth, a Live Action Role Play game based on White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade

This blog will mostly be dedicated to discussing those three topics. Magic talk will focus on strategy and my personal performance at tournaments. I am an ok player and wish to get better, so I hope for costructive comments about the game. Plus you can get some insight into the testing process I use. Heroclix talk will also be about strategy but will focus on tournaments I run rather than participate in. This will help keep an archive of my tournaments, especially since Wizkids don't officially run organised play yet. LARP talk will be mostly about amusing/exciting events happening at the LARP. No plot spoilers, I'm afraid.

Magic History

I've played Magic since 1994, my first cards being from Revised. I played casually in school, quitting at the end of Exodus. My reason? The story in the book packaged with the pre-constructed decks said Urza was coming back. Pretty dumb reason, but that's what happened.
I came back during Nemesis, and started attending the local Arena league, Pre-releases and a block constructed tournement. Still wasn't playing seriously, and was playing more casual multiplayer than anything else. I can't even remember why I came back to the game. I left when Mirroden came out. This time due to a dislike for the new card frames. Both breaks have allowed me to miss the "over-powered" sets.
This time, my return was due to moving in with some friends that were still playing the game. I came back for the Dissension pre-release, managed to miss Time Spiral block due to other commitments and finally came back properly for Lorwyn. Been playing since. I still dislike the card frames, but the game play is good enough for me to ignore that.
Most recently I've gotten into more competetive play. I traveled to last year's and this year's UK National tournaments. Failed to qualify for either, but that is the goal for 2011. My best tournement placings are 5th place at two seperate Grand Prix Trials, one Standard and one Extended. I also place well enough at Week Night Magic and am currently around the 1800 point rating mark.

Heroclix History

I'm a huge comics fan, so when Heroclix came out it was a natural game to try. Started collecting with Marvel Infinity Challenge. Played a few tournaments and did ok. Started helping the local judge with the Avengers set, in a shamless attempt to get more Galactus prizes given out locally. Took over judging duties with Crisis, as the other judge had to stop due to personal issues.
I've been to the last two UK Nationals. Didn't do so well in my first one, but came 11th at my second one. This was largely due to much better force selection, and openeing the Teen Titans in a box for the sealed portion. Kinda hard to lose when fate gives you a constructed team in the limited part of a tournament. Currently I am running tournaments as each prize kit comes out. Waiting for Wizkids to re-instate the old organised play program, with registered judges.

Roleplay History

I've played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, GURPS Supers, Hunter the Reckoning, GURPS Invasion, Scion, Shadowrun and Vampire the Masquerade and a Fantasy LARP. I have run Star Wars (west end games), Werewolf the Apocalypse, GURPS Supers, Exalted and a previous Vampire Larp. Our new LARP starts October 3rd. The system we are using is a homebrew system based on Vampre the Masquerade tabletop, rather than the Minds Eye Theatre rules.

That's probably all you need to know for now. Anything else, feel free to ask in the comments. Until next time...

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